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A graphic illustrated vector image showing the outline of the country Indonesia. The outline of the country is filled with a dark navy blue colour and is on a plain white background. The border of the country is a detailed path.

Selamat Datang Monument (Selamat Datang is Indonesian for "Welcome"), also known as the Monumen Bundaran HI or Monumen Bunderan HI, is a monument located in Central Jakarta, Indonesia. Completed in 1962, Selamat Datang Monument is one of the historic landmarks of Jakarta.

Top view of a market stall selling traditional Indonesian sweet and savory snacks. The snacks are assortment of traditional Javanese, Sundanese, Manadonese, Peranakan, Chinese-influenced and also Western-influenced. Here seen the lady seller is scooping snack called Tiwul (Javanese dried cassava granules) from a tray; her other hand is holding a traditional banana leaf containter called pincuk. The lady seller is wearing Javanese batik clothing with a hijab.

3D Render of a Topographic Map of Indonesia. Version with Country Boundaries. All source data is in the public domain. Color texture: Made with Natural Earth. Relief texture: GMTED2010 data courtesy of USGS. URL of source image: Water texture: HIU World Water Body Limits:

Indonesia political map with capital Jakarta, islands, neighbor countries Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, East Timor and capitals. Gray illustration with English labeling on white background. Vector.

An assortment of Balinese dishes to accompany the steamed rice (not shown). The dishes are Sate Lilit (minced meat satay) and Sate Babi (pork satay), Gedang Mekuah (green papaya soup), Tum Ayam (minced chicken parcel), Udang Goreng (pan-fried prawns), Rempeyek (peanut crackers), Ayam Klungkung (chicken with crushed chili pepper), Lawar Ayam (long bean and chicken salad), Babi Goreng (seasoned pork crisps), and three chili condiments of Sambal Plecing (red chili sauce), Sambal Embe (fried red chili and shallots), Sambal Matah (shallots and lemongrass salsa). A bouquet of Frangipani is used as table decoration.

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