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Panmunjom, Republic of Korea - November 14, 2012: South Korean Soldiers guard the border between South and North marked by a short concrete wall. Joint Security Area (JSA) is the only portion of the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) where South and North Korean forces stand face-to-face. It is often called the "Truce Village" in both the media. The JSA is used by the two Koreas for diplomatic engagements

Panmunjom, Korea - November 30, 2013: This is a North Korean soldier as seen from the South Korea side of Panmunjom.Around the Panmunjom, it has become a (JSA) Joint Security Area of the North-South bilateral. Conference hall of the military ceasefire committee will be constructed, UN soldiers and Korean army soldiers, North Korea army soldiers ,They are guarding face to face across the border.

Panmunjeom,South Korea - November 21, 2015: South Korean Soldiers at the Joint Security Area (JSA) facing the North Korean side of the border. The blue building is located exactly on the border there where you see the concrete marker in front of the soldiers. In the building that can be entered from both sides are meetings held between the two nations, if they decide so.

Panmunjeom,South Korea - November 21, 2015: The bridge of no return at the 'Joint Security Area' (JSA) between North and South Korea. At the end of the Korean War in 1953 the bridge was used to exchange prisoners of war, between the north and the south. The last time the bridge was used to exchange the crew of the 'USS Pueblo' was 1968. Close to the bridge is the location were the 'Ax-incident' took place in 1976

Historic Nam Gate (Namdaemun) in Kaesong. The Kaesong Namdaemun is the south gate of the old walled city of Kaesong, North Korea. Constructed between 1391 and 1393, it is the only one of the original seven citadel gates to survive mostly intact into the present. It features a stone base topped by a wooden pavilion; however, the pavilion seen today is a 1954 reconstruction as the original was destroyed in 1950 by American bombing during the Korean War. The gate houses the Yŏnbok Bell, cast in 1346, the bell was used to call out the hours until the early 20th century. Kaesong North Korea DPRK August 2013

Panmunjom, South Korea - March 15, 2014: South Korean soldiers guard the national border outside the Conference Building of United Nations Command Military Armistice Commission in the Joint Security Area. The large building in the background is the Panmungak Pavillon and it is located in North Korean territory.

Panmunjom, North Korea - June 14, 2014: A South Korean soldier stands guard on the exact border between North and South Korea. The border is denoted by the row of microphones and the United Nations flag. The two countries have been at war since 1950. The border between them - known as the Demilitarized Zone, DMZ, or Joint Security Area, JSA - is the most heavily guarded border in the world. Here, in the Blue House, officials from North and South Korea can meet without officially leaving their countries.

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