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Festive Parrotfish Scarus festivus is an uncommon species that occurs in the Indo-Pacific from East Africa to the Tuamoto Islands in a depth range from 1-30m in clear lagoon and seaward reefs. At night Parrotfishes are relatively vulnerable to attack. They overcome this vulnerability by secreting a mucus cocoon from glands before sleeping which envelopes their bodies with a protective biopolymer, like this specimen, protecting himself from parasites and masking olfactory cues. So ectoparasitic gnathiid isopods (Gnathiidae), which feed on the blood of fish, have to stay out! Pantar Island, Pantar Strait, Indonesia, 8°12'50" S 124°19'47 " E at 13m depth

Closeup of striped surgeonfish( acanthurus lineatus ) and bicolor parrotfish( cetoscarus bicolor ), species of fish belonging to the family Scaridae, the lined surgeonfish, is a member of the family Acanthuridae .It looks like the surgeonfish spend a kiss on parrotfish's nose. Bunaken island , North Sulawesi, Indonesia

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