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Collection of animals with cubs living in the territory of North and South America, in silhouette: muskox, common raccoon, south american tapir, giant anteater, capybara, south american coati, american black bear, brown bear (grizzly), spectacled bear, gray wolf, texas longhorn cattle, moose, pronghorn, eastern chipmunk, california sea lion, canada lynx, llama, alpaca, american bison (buffalo), bighorn sheep, elk (wapiti)

"Male deer sounding his call to the forest.All my Photographs are edited from RAW files, profiled in AdobeRGB colorspace and professionally retouched to improve the image quality.More photos of deers"

Red deer stags (Cervus elaphus) fighting in the rut. If those weren't antlers, they would be locking horns. These are two young red deer stags with no prospect of reproducing in this year's rut. They are practising for the big time, with antlers intertwined. You can see which stag is the stronger – the left-hand animal has forced over the other so that one antler is sticking into the ground. When two people fight the talk is of locking horns. This is the stag equivalent, more spiky and dangerous.

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