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Unique may-day finds from our Signature collection

iStock’s ever-growing Signature collection features millions of authentic images—including these awe-inspiring may-day illustrations—that you won’t find on any other stock site.

Tompkins Square Park Riot (1874)

Vintage engraving features The Tompkins Square Riot of 1874. Thousands of unemployed workers gathered at the park to protest the poor economic conditions brought on by the Panic of 1873. Police on horseback fought back the crowds by beating them with clubs.

Rioting and Bloodshed in the Streets of Chicago, 1886

Vintage engraving features a scene where a police patrol-wagon is attacked by a mob of 12,000 rioters in Chicago, Illinois in May 1886. This riot, known as the Haymarket Square Riot, began as a peaceful rally in support of workers striking for an eight-hour work day, until a bomb exploded, causing the riot. The bomb was allegedly built and exploded by anarchists. The Haymarket Affair is generally considered significant as the origin of International Workers' Day held on May 1st (May Day.)

Bouquet May Day

May Day Bouquet hanging on a door knob. Vector and high res jpeg included.

Traditional English ceremony, Raising the Maypole in the village

Vintage engraving of Raising the Maypole (after Frederick Goodall), Village scene with a crowd surrounding the muscular men hauling the pole into position