Celebration of the Day of the Dead in a Mexican cemetery.

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Elaborate Altar in the Zócalo for the Día de los Muertos Festival in Oaxaca, Mexico

An elaborate altar in the zócalo (city square) constructed for the Día de los Muertos Festival in Oaxaca, Mexico. (Resubmission note: Altars like this are temporary structures built by the thousands all over Mexico for the Day of the Dead festival in homes and public places. They often contain bread, fruit, prepared food, flowers, and other perishable items. They are taken down and the perishable items are consumed or disposed of immediately after the conclusion of the festival. This one is vary elaborate since it was built in the zócalo of downtown Oaxaca, but it was dismantled by November 3, 2018. Something entirely different will be built next year. Suggesting that these displays would be copyrighted would be like supposing a bunch of flowers at a grave would be copyrighted).

Day of the Dead altar with sugar skull

Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead) altar with traditional decorations: sugar skull, orange cempasùchitl flowers, papel picado (cut tissue paper), fruit and candles.

Large Bougainvillea Tree in the Cemetery in San Agustin Etla

Graves in the old cemetery in San Agustin Etla, Oaxaca, Mexico, decorated for the the Día de los Muertos festival. (Note for resubmission: These graves are decorated with flowers, fruit, candles, the deceased's favorite food, and other perishable items which are taken down immediately after the holiday period. These decorations are put up all over Mexico. As temporary structures meant to honor dead relatives, they hardly would be considered candidates for copyright protection, and this photographer has never heard of such a thing). (Note for second resubmission: identifiable persons have been obscured).

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