kid planting a tree for help to prevent global warming or climate change and save the earth. Picture for concept of Earth Day to encourage people about the environmental protection.

Unique Earth day finds from our Signature collection

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Earth Day

Earth Day shaped forest with projected shadows. Subtle grain texture added.

Happy Earth Day

A stock photo of a water color circle design depicting Happy Earth Day

Activist holding sign protesting against climate change

A mid-adult female activist holding a sign protesting against climate change and global warming. She is standing outdoors on a country road in the snow and is holding signs with various messages, such as 'act now' and 'no planet b'. Focus on the sign, with the road and countryside defocused beyond. Room for copy space.

world globe in water drop on cloverleaf

enviornmental conservation concept: shiny globe in waterdrop on cloverleaf. Very small depth of field around the world globe.

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