Children sitting together with parents and laughing

Family stock photos and royalty-free images

There’s no stronger bond than family. Browse our collection of royalty-free family photos and get inspired by images from all stages of a family – from young couples with babies to mature moms and dads with their children, to grandparents interacting with their clan at a family reunion. And because families come in all shapes and sizes, our pictures of non-traditional families show that family is truly what you make it.

Unique family finds from our Signature collection

iStock’s ever-growing Signature collection features millions of authentic images—including these awe-inspiring family photos—that you won’t find on any other stock site.

A portrait of a young family at a Christmas tree farm

A young attractive African American family pose for a photo at a tree farm. They are all wearing warm winter clothes and smiling directly at the camera. The young girl is of elementary school age.

Crazy as always

Mother and son playing in backyard with gardening equipment

Mixed race couple grocery shopping with their preschool-age daughter

A pre-school age girl helps her parents pick out veggies in the produce section at the grocery store. She is reaching for a red pepper.