Three Crosses On Mountain With Red Clouds

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Three Crosses On A Hill At Sunrise

Three crosses on a hill at sunrise symbolize the Crucifixion of Christ as the sun rises in the distance. A series of mountain ridges disappear into the horizon

Three Crosses On A Hill At Sunrise

Three crosses sit on a rocky hill as they are silhouetted against a rising sun and symbolize the Crucifixion of Christ. In the distance the sun creeps above the horizon.

Crown of Thorns and Palm Leaf on Burlap Background

A crown of thorns and a palm leaf on burlap, representing the Good Friday and Palm Sunday holidays.

Easter. Crucifixion. Three crosses on a hill. Good Friday. Christianity.

Easter. The crucifixion. Three wooden crosses in silhouette stand silently on a hill at sunset. The dramatic sky is beautiful in its blue and orange colors. Christianity, religious themes. Copyspace.