London's Big Ben clock tower Westminster street lamp and a Union Jack flag against a blue summer sky. This just shouts out great Britain. No filters were used on this file. Main focus is on the clock tower,

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United Kingdom Country 3D Render Topographic Map

3D Render of a Topographic Map of the United Kingdom. All source data is in the public domain. Color texture: Made with Natural Earth. Relief texture and Rivers: SRTM data courtesy of USGS. URL of source image: Water texture: SRTM Water Body SWDB:

Police responding in London

At night a car of the police passing fast in Trafalgar Square.

UK Treasury Budget

"The United Kingdom Budget statement is made by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, a member of the Government who is responsible for all economic and financial matters. He controls HM Treasury. ands the revenues gathered by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs and the expenditure of public sector departments and can raise taxes and duties according to the needs of the economy. After the Prime Minister he is the most important state officer. The Budget is normally an annual event in March, but in more recent times a mini budget has also been held in November. The budget speech is always carried to the House of Commons in a red briefcase, known as Ministerial Boxes, or Red Boxesaa. This red briefcase has become representative of the annual UK Budget. Historically, it dates back to the first use by William Gladstone in 1860."

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