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Fusiliers and mackerels in big numbers swim through the light-flooded ocean. The fusiliers are a family of fishes in the order Perciformes. They are related to the snappers, but adapted for feeding on plankton, rather than on larger prey. They are found at reefs in the Indo-Pacific. Their upper jaws are extensible, and adapted for picking plankton.

The underwater world is a fascinating ecosystem full of life and variation. This tropical coral reef is covered in Magnificent Sea Anemone’s (Heteractis magnifica) which in turn support Skunk Anemone fish (Amphiprion akallopisos). Above the reef is a massive bait ball of Glass fish which in turn becomes prey to larger fish out in the clear blue water. A perfect demonstration of Nature’s food chain within a healthy ecosystem. Footage taken whilst scuba diving at Koh Haa islands, Krabi province, which is one of Thailand’s best eco tourism destinations.

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