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There are almost 15 million furniture stock videos in the iStock video library. Search our collection to find and download stock videos of furniture stores and videos of people browsing in furniture showrooms. You can also find wide-angle videos of friends and family on sofas and videos of office furniture as well as videos of domestic and commercial fixtures and fittings.

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A tracking view of a woman shopping in a department store and comparing prices on her mobile phone and using the camera to scan the price tag. The store is in Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East of England.

A static wide angle view of a lesbian married couple looking for furniture for their new home. They are looking at the dining tables and seeing which one they both like.

A waist up tracking view of a couple shopping in a luxury furniture shop in Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East of England. They are browsing and chatting as they look at the furniture and taking pictures on their mobile phones

A static, wide shot of a mid adult couple viewing a home furniture showroom together, they are walking over to a bed in the showroom then one man sits on it while his fiancé stands up, they are both examining the bed while being told about it by a store employee. She is using a digital tablet to aid her sales.

A medium, tracking shot of a young woman and her father shopping for new furniture in a furniture store together. The woman is examining a chest of drawers then she takes a picture of the prices on the point of sale while her father stands nearby. They are considering buying the drawers.

Young women out shopping with her husband in a furniture shop. They are enjoying looking at the sofas and cushions. The man is sitting on one of the sofas as the woman smiles standing looking at him.

A wide-angle full-length static view of a young man with red hair browsing in a luxury showroom and looking for new furniture for his home also other customers can be seen and there is also a family of three browsing with their daughter. They are all looking in a showroom in Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East of England

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