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Industrial machine CNC plasma laser. Robotics and engineering. Cut sheet metal at workshop. Modern tool in heavy industry. Lot of bright sparks. High precision manufacture of steel parts. Automatic work for ironwork. Machining and cutting of metallic part. Computer control of high tech manufacture of construction product. Accuracy of iron working. The industrial laser cutting torch cuts preparations from metal. Laser cutter in the production. Hot flame from motion of ray. Robot in modern industry. Automatic conveyor. High technology in industrial production. Modern technologies in the aerospace industry. An industrial metal cutting machine works without human intervention. Robotic industrial equipment. Laser technology in the processing of metal structures. Application of an automatic laser for cutting metal sheets in the automotive industry. Demonstration of the operation of a laser metal cutting machine. Close up. Slow motion.

In knot theory, a branch of mathematics, the trefoil knot is the simplest example of a nontrivial knot. The trefoil can be obtained by joining together the two loose ends of a common overhand knot, resulting in a knotted loop. As the simplest knot, the trefoil is fundamental to the study of mathematical knot theory. The trefoil knot is named after the three-leaf clover (or trefoil) plant. Alpha channel will be included when downloading the 4K Apple ProRes 4444 file only.

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