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There are more than 565000 moon stock videos at the iStock video library. Browse our easy-to-search collection to find stock videos of moon phases and downloadable videos of infographics about the moon and its place in the solar system. You can also find panoramic videos of city skylines under a full moon and highly detailed footage of the moon’s surface taken by powerful telescopes.

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Every month, the moon's eccentric orbit carries it to apogee – its most distant point from Earth – and then, some two weeks later, to perigee – the moon's closest point to Earth in its monthly orbit. 3D scene created and modelled in Adobe After Effects and the planet textures are taken from Solar System Scope official website (

Viewing the rising Moon over Earths horizon. Shot with a Telephoto lens. Computer animation based on Nasa footage.

Orbiting the barren lunar surface wich is full of craters, mountains, hills and valleys. Computer animation based on Nasa footage.

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