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A multi-ethnic group of elementary school students returning to school wearing face masks during the covid-19 pandemic. They are walking in through the front door single file. Teachers wearing masks and gloves are making sure they follow the rules and social distance. The children are 7 to 10 years old.

Cute Hispanic middle school student is tutoring a young African American female elementary student in the computer lab or library of their STEM school. The Hispanic girl points at the screen as she explains the information. She also shows the younger student the keys on the keyboard. The younger girl types and then points at the computer monitor. Students are working on computers in the background. Books are on bookshelves in the background. A handheld camera focuses on the students.

High quality slider shot in both directions of an empty classroom. The abandoned school room and deserted desks will cut perfectly into a piece about education tax cuts and budgetary restrictions. Also, could be used for anti-bullying campaigns.

Medium view of primary school students sitting in a classroom being taught by a teacher in the North East of England. The students are answering questions with their arms in the air while the teacher gestures to them.

Small multiethnic group of three elementary aged girls sitting at a table in the public library reading a book together while smiling and talking.

Coral reefs are the one of earths most complex ecosystems, containing over 800 species of corals and one million animal and plant species. Here we see a shallow coral reef consisting mainly of hard corals supporting shoals of Two Spot Snapper (Lutjanus biguttatus) and Bigeye Snapper (Lujanus lutjanus). The large school of fish group together as a means of protection from predators. This is a typical animal behaviour that ensures the species survival. The location are the Bida Islands, Phi Phi Archipelago, Andaman Sea, Krabi, Thailand.

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