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Close up 4k stock video clip. A young woman wearing glasses is surrounded by large computer screens displaying moving data & numbers, she concentrates on the information & the data is reflected in her glasses.

Close-up, 4k stock dolly clip of an Asian woman studying information on a computer screen. She’s in a small office with the screen lighting up her face as the data changes.

A computer scans a crowded subway tunnel, using facial recognition to show personal data in a floating display that follows the individual. Each display has a photo of the person, a unique fingerprint, and basic information like name, race, age, etc. There are small blocks of text which have scrolling code excerpts.

Close up stock video clip of a young Asian woman studying moving images and data on a computer screen. Her eyes are clearly visible through the reflections on her glasses which show movie of crowds alongside graphs & global data.

4K stock video clip of a young Chinese Asian woman sitting in a dark office and surrounded by computer screens. She is intently reading data from a virtual see through screen displaying moving text & graphs. The camera is on a dolly moving from one side to the other.

Close up stock video clip of a young asian woman sitting down at her desk where she’s surrounded by 3 large computer monitors displaying out of focus moving images of people as thumbnails; crowds; graphs & scrolling text. All emphasising identity & population analysis & scrutiny….possibly being used for anything from targeted advertising to people control & influence. All the faces on the screens have releases.

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