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Buddhist prayer flags. Boudhanath-Bodhnath stupa. Kathmandu-Nepa
Colorist buddhist prayer flags. Boudhanath-Bodhnath stupa. Kathm
Buildings and prayer flags around the Boudhanath-Bodhnath stupa.
Buddhist prayer flags. Stupa of Boudhanath-Bodhnath. Kathmandu-N
Big stupa of Boudhanath-Bodhnath with buddhist prayer flags. Kat
Buddhist prayer flags. Stupa of Boudhanath-Bodhnath. Kathmandu-N
Big white stupa of Boudhanath-Bodhnath. Kathmandu-Nepal. 0307
The great stupa at Boudhanath-Bodhnath. Kathmandu-Nepal. 0304
Traditional buildings around the Boudahanath-Bodhnath stupa. Kat
Eyes of the Buddha. Boudhanath-Bodhnath stupa. Kathmandu-Nepal.
Eyes of the Buddha look from Boudhanath-Bodhnath stupa. Kathmand
Tower crowning the Boudhanath-Bodhnath stupa. Kathmandu-Nepal. 0
Prayer flags at the Boudhanath-Bodhnath stupa. Kathmandu-Nepal.
The big stupa of Boudhanath-Bodhnath. Kathamandu-Nepal. 0305
Great stupa of Boudhanath-Bodhnath. Kathmandu-Nepal. 0303
Buddhist lama-priest around the Boudhanath-Bodhnath stupa. Kathm
Nepali faithfuls around the Boudhanath-Bodhnath stupa. Kathmandu
Keepers of the stairs. Boudhanath-Bodhnath stupa. Kathmandu-Nepa
Doves on the Bouhanath-Bodhnath stupa. Kathmandu-Nepal. 0325
Buildings around the Boudhanath-Bodhnath stupa. Kathmandu-Nepal.
Doves on the groundfloor. Stupa of Boudahanath-Bodhnath. Kathman
Buildings in the Boudhanath-Bodhnath stupa area. Kathmandu-Nepal
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