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Charles Dickens - Dombey and Son
Charles Dickens - Sketches by Boz
Gutter Children - Field Lane Ragged Schools
Swiss Military
Prince Friedrich Karl of Prussia
Danish Military
Spanish Military
Engraving of European bison family from 1877
Engraving Gnu or blue wildebeest from 1877
German Military
German Military - Cavalry and Infantry
Study for Autumn
Robin and rabbit in the snow
Saint-Jacques de Liege
Saint-Jacques de Liege
Middle Temple Hall
British Empire - Queen Victoria
Antique illustration of Shrimp
Engraving: Europe
Boer War caricature
Fairmount Park, Philadelphia
Street scene in Philadelphia
On Their way to Church
Antique illustration of cactus collection
Members of the Old Maryland Club
Flower Girls
Oyster boats, New York
Female fashions in New York
At Jefferson Court House
Delinquents in Custody, New York
Seventh Regiment Memorial Statue
Elevated Railway, New York
Bowery Music Hall
New York, from Brooklyn Heights
Feeding turkeys
Behind the Wheel House
Lowering the luggage
Custom House, New York
skull & crossbones
Victorian adults tending to a sick child
19th century engraving of The Weald, Sussex, UK
Antique illustration of Notre-Dame des Sarrasins
19th century engraving of Tiber River at Rome, Italy
Antique illustration of women preparing
Antique illustration of wedding in Ceylon
Antique illustration of Lorca Castle, Murcia, Spain
French Lord - 17th century
St. Bertha - Antique Engraving
Antique illustration of Murcia, Spain
19th century view of Genoa, Italy
19th century engraving of a rural Italian scene
Dairy Maid and Shoe Seller
Bourgeoisie of Paris
Medieval Wedding
Feast of Fools
Farmers, labourer, musician in 15th century
Lady of the Hunt
Knights at the Tournament
Antique illustration of Elche bridge, Spain
19th century engraving of an ornate book decoration
19th century engraving of boy lighting a toy cannon
Flying Machine
Silver bowl
Antique illustration of Valladolid
Victorian frame with wild roses and convolvulus
Autumnal Victorian frame
19th century engraving of an eruption at Mt. Vesuvius, Naples
19th century engraving Temple of Vesta at Paestum, Italy
Elk or wapiti (Cervus canadensis)
Antique illustration of Cissampelos pareira
Antique illustration of chloranthus officinalis
Benjamin Franklin
Antique illustration of Doronicum orientale (leopard's bane)
Electric lamp
Antique illustration of Digitalis purpurea (foxglove, common fox
Sewing Machine
Bamboo water pipe
Antique illustration of heigth measurement
Antique illustration of Agave americana (century plant, maguey)
Laser engraving
Antique illustration of abbot
Antique illustration of Atropa belladonna (Deadly Nightshade)
Antique illustration of Croton Tiglium
Antique book illustration: View of Jerusalem
Cape of Good Hope
Antique illustration of astronomer
pocket knife
Henry Schoolcraft
Castle Of Plessis-Les-Tours, France
Flying machine
Type foundry
Antique illustration of university old coin medal (1600s)
Antique illustration of Pont Neuf
Antique illustration of El-maia oasis
Odette de Champdivers And Charles VI
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