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Gjógv, Eysturoy, Faroe Islands - March 20, 2022; Gjógv is the most northern village on the island of Eysturoy, named after a 200-metre long sea-filled gorge that runs from the village into the ocean. With less than 50 inhabitants, all living in old timber-walled and turf-roofed cottages, Gjógv has an abundance of charm and appeal. The village includes a charming teashop, a guesthouse (Gjáargarður) and a campsite, and is located approximately a one-hour drive from Tórshavn.

Faroe Islands political map with capital Torshavn, also the Faeroes. Autonomous country and part of the Kingdom of Denmark. Archipelago in North Atlantic. Gray illustration. English labeling. Vector.

Faroe Islands drone flight view towards the rocky coastline of Gjogv Harbour under sunny summer sky on Eysturoy Island, View to the famous natural coastal Gjógv Harbor Rock Valley - Natural sharp cliff crack in the rocky coastline and Gjogv Village from the North Atlantic Ocean, Gjogv, Eysturoy Island, Faroe Island, Kingdom of Denmark, Nordic Countries, Europe.

Panoramic high angle view of the small village Eiði located on the north-west tip of Eysturoy on a sunny cloudy day on Faroe Islands. Its name means isthmus in the Faroese language. The town has a population of 669 inhabitants. Eiði was settled by Vikings in the 9th century AD. In the center of the village there is a large stone church from 1881.

Faroe Islands Gjogv Village Natural Harbor Coastal Inlet on Eysturoy Island of Faroe Islands. Aerial drone point of view towards the rocky coastline of Gjogv Harbour under sunny summer sky with the famous natural coastal Gjógv Harbor Rock Valley - Natural sharp cliff crack - North Atlantic Ocean Inlet in the rocky coastline. Gjogv Town on top of the coast on the left., Gjogv, Eysturoy Island, Faroe Island, Denmark

Risin og Kellingin Sea Stacks Panorama. Risin and Kellingin Seas Stack - in the North Atlantic Ocean under blue summer skyscape. Risin og Kellingin means 'The Giant and the Witch' and references to an old legend about the sea stack origins. Risin is the 71m high stack further from the coast (left), and the Kellingin is the 68m stack nearer land (middle). These numbers gives a relation how the dimensions how tall and gigantic the fjord cliff coast is (on the right). Northern Coast of the Island of Eysturoy close to the town of Eiði. Eysturoy Island, Faroe Islands, Kingdom of Denmark, Nordic Countries, Europe

Sheep grazing on grassy slopes near Funningur on Eysturoy, Faroe Islands. Foroyar nature, farmland, herding livestock, pasture, agriculture in Scandinavian climate. Harsh weather. Remote islands on the north Atlantic Ocean. Farm animals in pure nature. Wool and agricultural products. Winds gusting through the fiord. Hiking in northern countries, unmarked footpath, rocky trail. Awesome viewpoints, steep slopes, mountains, fjords and sea. Green grasslands, fields and pastures. Cloudy sky. Kalsoy seen in the background.

High angle view of the sea stack Kellingin seen from the top of the north-westernmost mountain Eiðiskollur on a sunny day on Faroe Islands. Risin og Kellingin are two sea stacks just off the northern coast of the island of Eysturoy in the Faroe Islands close to the town of Eiði. The name Risin og Kellingin means The Giant and the Witch (or Hag) and relates to an old legend about their origins. The Giant (Risin) is the 71m stack further from the coast, and the witch (Kellingin) is the 68m pointed stack nearer land, standing with her legs apart.

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