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close-up, modern man 30s sitting holding a French daily newspapers, a newspaper and reads it. he was wearing a white shirt, a representative of the form, put his feet on the support for them in its new modern office. they write about the war, crisis and economic sanctions, about the destruction of the plants and the fall of the currency, about the bombings and the national currency, the dictatorial regime and scientific discoveries but he is relaxed and calm - there is no reason to worry.

Handheld medium shot of a young boy wearing pyjamas lying in his bed with his father. His father is reading him a bedtime story out of a book. There's a colourful night light projector projecting stars across the boys bedroom.

Extreme close up dolly clip of a young man wearing spectacles, the tablet pc (tablet computer) he’s using is reflected in them, with his fingers being silhouetted as he scrolls and moves about on the touchscreen of the tablet.

Small multiethnic group of three elementary aged girls sitting at a table in the public library reading a book together while smiling and talking.

Front view of a senior Caucasian woman with short grey hair at home, wearing a cowl neck sweater and reading glasses, sitting in a wingback armchair and reading a book, backlit by sunlight from a window, slow motion

Stock video close up dolly clip of an observant young woman eye as she peruses a large computer display, the reflection of the windows & media contents are seen in her glasses a she opens & closes data. Researching websites general information she scrutinizes the screen.

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