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A set of hiring icons that include editable strokes or outlines using the EPS vector file. The icons include jobseekers, hiring manager hiring new graduate, job candidate being selected for job, recruiter seeking for job candidates, hiring manager with bullhorn, help wanted sign, now hiring sign, graduate, job interview, job benefits, pay scale, jobs, hand holding resume, job candidate with puzzle piece, job fair, handshake offering new job, standout job candidate, employee search, job search, employee skillset, company car, worker with target, human resources manager, new job and other related icons.

A set of labor shortage icons that include editable strokes or outlines using the EPS vector file. The icons include an employee being singled out from a group of candidates, help wanted sign, worker with target, employer using magnifying glass to find job candidate, human resources specialist using a bullhorn while holding a hiring sign, business person at fork in the road, employer chasing after employee who is running from job, employee compensation, business person sinking in water while holding briefcase above water, employer with fingers crossed in hiring workers, labor shortage, employee search using mobile phone, worker multi-tasking by holding a phone to both ears, job candidate burning resume, job offer with a handshake, job candidates being filtered down to one person, employer holding a we're hiring sign, money compensation, businessman running fro exit, jobs sign, closed sign on business building, businessman holding target with arrow in bulls-eye, worker packing up office supplies from desk and leaving job and a join our team sign.

People stand on a set of straight arrows pointing forward (from left to right), illustrating any number of concepts, including individual or group progress, and competition between businesses or individuals. Translucent orange arrows and lines appear on a warm-colored cream background within a 16x9 landscape artboard. Vector shapes, including people, are presented in isometric projection using a limited color palette. People are dressed for business and use internet-enabled devices.

A set of management icons that include editable strokes or outlines using the EPS vector file. The icons include business managers, manager and employees, business manager giving presentation, manager interviewing employee, employees, workforce, employees in a boardroom on a video conference, business managers standing facing camera, business person on top of a mountain, manager at the helm of a ship, manager giving a business presentation, business conference, bullhorn, manager doing a write-up, financial goal, handshake, business management, manager firing co-worker, manager shouting to employees through bullhorn, business person crossing finish line, ladder of success and additional related icons.

A set of business awards and recognition icons that include editable strokes or outlines using the EPS vector file. The icons include a business person holding and award, hands clapping in celebration, person giving an award to another person, hand holding a trophy award, trophy, business person holding a target with an arrow in the bulls-eye, thumbs up, fingers crossed, business leader shouting recognition of an employee using a bullhorn, bottle of wine being opened, business person crossing the finish line and holding briefcase, business building with award, winners podium with business person at top, business person having his hand raised in recognition for a job well done, business person with arm in air being celebrated with confetti in background, award ribbon, business person with arm raised in victory standing in the bulls-eye of a target, high five, two business people celebrating with medals around their necks, business person with a thumbs up, business person being recognized, businessman at computer with arm raised after completing important task, business person at the top of a mountain with arms in the air in celebration and a business person jumping with excitement from success

A set of black productivity icons. The icons include business people working at computer, moving forward and up in their careers, running with a briefcase, a business team with cog, business person giving presentation, making a deal, in a conference meeting, making money, juggling, money goals, high five, on the clock, achieving success, holding a lightbulb and jumping a canyon to name just a few of the different concepts illustrated.

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